1. This Time of Year, Many of Us Wish We Had A “Beach Body”

    As a health coach, I do hear this wish a lot. However, my goal is always for my clients to be healthy and fit … not just fit. Achieving this result requires more than a randomly selected exercise program designed for the mass market. What should you do? Well, you shouldn’t avoid exercise altogether because that leads to poor health and fitness. Exercise activates more than 25-percent of the ge…Read More

  2. How to Design a Beneficial 12-Week Exercise Program

    Whatever the reason you exercise -- to train for your first triathlon, lose weight, or achieve a desired physique -- making the decision to move your body often and with intensity improves your overall health while adding years to your functional longevity. Today I’d like to dig a little deeper into that idea by exploring why exercise so important. I’m also going to help you understand how you…Read More

  3. Preventative Health Tips For A Healthier You

    A healthy lifestyle is often something on a New Year’s Resolution checklist and something about which a majority of people dream, yet very few people have the personal drive to really live a 100 percent healthy life. While that is the ideal goal, everyone should strive to be healthy as much as possible. One such way is to focus on preventative health, that is taking care of your body before it g…Read More

  4. Control the X Factors: Tailor Your Diet to Your Genome

    Take a walk through your local bookstore and you’ll be confronted by shelves upon shelves of books claiming to hold the key to the diet that will help you lose fat, build muscle, feel more energetic or live a longer, healthier life. What many of these titles fail to take into account is that an optimal diet is highly personalized. What does that mean? It means that, what works for one person may…Read More

  5. What Is The Klotho (KL) Gene?

    Klotho (Clotho) was named after one of the Moirai from Greek mythology. Together with Lachesis (allotter) and Atropos (unturnable), Klotho (spinner) controlled every moment of life from birth until death. It is believed that the KL gene received the name Klotho because it has a direct relationship in a person’s longevity. Klotho is an enzyme humans possess that is encoded by the KL gene. It is b…Read More

  6. How Genetic Testing Can Lead to Proper Supplementation

    Our genes are inherited 50 percent from each parent at the time of conception. While we can’t change our genes and their predispositions, we can alter how they are expressed and affect our lives. A classical example of this is with identical twins. They are genetically identical, however, by any measurable trait, for example, height, they are not identical. This is because of gene expression. Th…Read More

  7. The Effects Of Sleep On Health

    Who has time to sleep? Whether it’s finishing a work project, going out with friends, or staying up late to watch a TV series on Netflix, the last thing many of us want to do is get to bed early. You may think you can get by with little sleep, but sleep is critical to our day-to-day functioning. While we may believe we are resilient and can get by on little sleep, lack of sleep actually alters o…Read More

  8. Exercise So You Live A More-Fulfilled, Longer Life

    When January rolls around, many of us have “losing weight” on our resolution list along with eating better and getting into “shape”—exercising or going to the gym. These are great resolutions that should be made every day, not just every five years. Let’s start with exercise. Whether it changes your shape or not, exercise improves your life. That means the pressure to look like a 20-so…Read More

  9. Chronic Inflammation

    When you think of inflammation, you probably envision a sore throat or a sprained ankle — something swollen and red. There is another type of inflammation, though, that often goes undetected: chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is what happens when the immune system is triggered to dispatch white blood cells unnecessarily. When these cells have nothing to attack, they can turn on the body…Read More

  10. Living Your Best Self Through Preventative Health

    Have you heard the term optimal health? It’s been floating around for the past few years, and it’s a goal of KlothoGenics™ to help people of all walks of life achieve optimal health. All too frequently, doctors assume people are healthy when they are not sick. However, this is not completely true. You may not be sick, but you may not be living as healthily as possible. Different people’s b…Read More