1. What Can Genetics Testing Tell You About Your Future Children?

    Genetic testing can take many forms and provide so much incredible information about lifestyle, wellness, and the future. Not only can gene analysis help you understand your body better, but it can give you insight about “future yous” and the genes they may possess - yes, we’re talking about your children. Children are the fruit of the womb, a beautiful miracle of the mother’s and father…Read More

  2. The Good and Bad of Genetic Testing

    Genetic testing can unleash a world of information, or rather, generations of information, because genetics are passed down from parent to child. Medicine is just beginning to take advantage of the information that comes along with genetic testing. Genetic counselors are able to create treatments based off of what gene is mutated, even treatments for cancer, there are treatments for cystic fibrosi…Read More

  3. What Is Epigenetics?

    Genetics testing has become more well known and curious people everywhere are getting tested in order to find out whether or not they have a higher chance of developing disease. There is a lot of information out there regarding genetics and all of the medical jargon can be really confusing. Here is a brief description of epigenetics and genes that are linked to diseases. If you’re curious about …Read More

  4. What is Pharmacogenomics Testing?

    Everyone wants to know definitive answers regarding their genetics and health, how does everything work together? With genetic testing you can find an answer. The field of pharmacogenomic testing is where you find the answers. It’s the study of how your specific genes affect your body’s response to medications. Genetics is a beautiful part of life, but can also be frustrating. Why did you get …Read More

  5. My Recommended Health Books

    My Recommended Health Books My clients and friends always ask me to recommend books on health. Sometimes the recommendation is for books to be read by them or to give as gifts to friends or family that are looking to improve their health. Over the years, I have compiled a vast library of books that I continuously reference and pick up from time to time to relearn techniques, tips and ways to impro…Read More

  6. Insulin Resistance – A Silent Killer

    Preventing insulin resistance is essential in achieving optimal health. Scientists have discovered more than a dozen genes related to blood sugar control. Certain population groups have a strong genetic disposition for this silent killer. Insulin resistance causes your body's cells to become tone deaf to insulin's glucose-regulating signals. It is called a Silent Killer due to the chronic inflamma…Read More

  7. Is There a Perfect Diet for Your Genotype?

    YES, there is. You probably have wondered whether there is a connection between your genes and diet. The way your metabolism works and how your body responds to a particular diet is different than others based on your genetics. Nutrients in the food uniquely alter the structure of your genes or their expression according to your genetic makeup. We now have the ability to comprehensively analyze th…Read More

  8. Optimizing Your Health For Your Genes

    Have you ever wondered why doctors always ask about the health history of your family? Which of your parents had a stroke or is currently suffering from diabetes? Or perhaps thought why it is crucial to inform healthcare providers about any family history of cardiovascular diseases, cancer or allergy to specific food or drug components? Well, your genes are the culprit behind it. Genes inherited f…Read More

  9. The Evidence for Patient Specific Medications

    We all have been made aware of drug-drug, drug-food/beverage and drug-medical condition interactions. Now, we know that your genetics determine how your body will metabolize certain drugs. The goal is to get the right drug in the right amount to treat your condition and genetics provides the answer. Pharmacogenomics is the study of how an individual’s genes affect the response to medications. Th…Read More