1. How Your Stress Now is Affecting Your Future Child’s Genetics

    Most people know that stress is bad for their health. It can increase your risk of developing certain medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, all of which could dramatically reduce your quality of life or even shorten your life significantly. But what many people don't know is that the stress you feel now could actually affect your children's health in the future. It turns …Read More

  2. Could Genetics Be Causing Your Migraine?

    There are hundreds of millions of people around the world who suffer from migraines. Migraines can cause debilitating pain that goes beyond a run-of-the-mill headache. Along with severe pain, migraine sufferers could experience symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, visual disturbances and even lightheadedness and dizziness. For some people, migraines go beyond being an occasiona…Read More

  3. Incredible Facts About DNA – Part 2

    Making your life healthier and longer is a worthy endeavor. However, it's impossible to do unless you understand just what you're dealing with. So it goes for anything. You can't improve what you don't understand. At KlothoGenics, we are fervent believers that there are levels of improvement and wellness that many people can't achieve because they don't understand their basic building blocks. Whil…Read More

  4. What Can Your Genes Tell You About Supplements?

    When it comes to supplements, how do you decide what you should take? Visit any grocery or health store and there are countless options lining the shelves — some riskier to play around with than others. But there is also a certain level of risk that comes with not taking supplements. Food can only provide is with a certain level of nutrition, even when we eat a proper diet. Take one of my clie…Read More

  5. Test Yourself Before Having Kids

    Genetics testing is a new concept in the world of science. Though it has been around since the 1980s, it has just now started to gain popularity. It can be used for a variety of reasons, from interpreting genes to identify causes of certain diseases to understanding which methods of exercise may be best for you. One way in which many young adults are now using genetics testing is to determine if t…Read More

  6. This Time of Year, Many of Us Wish We Had A “Beach Body”

    As a health coach, I do hear this wish a lot. However, my goal is always for my clients to be healthy and fit … not just fit. Achieving this result requires more than a randomly selected exercise program designed for the mass market. What should you do? Well, you shouldn’t avoid exercise altogether because that leads to poor health and fitness. Exercise activates more than 25-percent of the ge…Read More

  7. How to Design a Beneficial 12-Week Exercise Program

    Whatever the reason you exercise -- to train for your first triathlon, lose weight, or achieve a desired physique -- making the decision to move your body often and with intensity improves your overall health while adding years to your functional longevity. Today I’d like to dig a little deeper into that idea by exploring why exercise so important. I’m also going to help you understand how you…Read More

  8. Preventative Health Tips For A Healthier You

    A healthy lifestyle is often something on a New Year’s Resolution checklist and something about which a majority of people dream, yet very few people have the personal drive to really live a 100 percent healthy life. While that is the ideal goal, everyone should strive to be healthy as much as possible. One such way is to focus on preventative health, that is taking care of your body before it g…Read More

  9. Exercise So You Live A More-Fulfilled, Longer Life

    When January rolls around, many of us have “losing weight” on our resolution list along with eating better and getting into “shape”—exercising or going to the gym. These are great resolutions that should be made every day, not just every five years. Let’s start with exercise. Whether it changes your shape or not, exercise improves your life. That means the pressure to look like a 20-so…Read More

  10. Living Your Best Self Through Preventative Health

    Have you heard the term optimal health? It’s been floating around for the past few years, and it’s a goal of KlothoGenics™ to help people of all walks of life achieve optimal health. All too frequently, doctors assume people are healthy when they are not sick. However, this is not completely true. You may not be sick, but you may not be living as healthily as possible. Different people’s b…Read More