Lifestyle Programs Tailored to Your Unique Genetic Profile

Why Choose Us?

We have curated a unique, translational genomic interpretation model that has helped our clients to achieve measurable improvements in optimal health and longevity. We strive to exceed our client's expectations from initial consultation through the achievement of their goals.

Welcome to KlothoGenics®

Our company name and logo is derived from the combination of Klotho (KL), the longevity gene, and Genics, which is defined in the Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine as “giving rise to, producing or causing something.” Klotho was named after one of three sisters in Greek mythology known as the Fates who control the thread of life. Klotho was the spinner of the threads. Our mission at KlothoGenics® is to spin the threads of life to produce greater functional longevity through several specific areas and genetic based nutrition targeted at your individual needs.

In 2016, we launched our vision to be the pre-eminent web-based source of innovative and tailored genetic advice for thousands of people to change their lives and achieve optimal health and longevity. In our first year, we provided health conscious clients with sophisticated interpretations of their genetic profile and innovative, individually tailored programs for nutrition, exercise, supplement, detoxification, neurotransmitters, hormones and other specific metabolic factors and gave them the tools to achieve their optimal health.

When you sign-up for our program, we arrange for your genetic testing from your saliva. If you already have had your genetic profile performed, we can likely use that data. From your raw genetic data, we will be provided with relevant information on approximately 500 key genetic factors that affect diet, metabolism, exercise and other metabolic factors. We analyze this data and schedule a 90- to 120-minute video call to discuss the results. After the call, we can prepare a genetically individualized program tailored to your results. You can purchase an additional packages of follow-up consultations. Once you have purchased a program, we keep you up to date with emails on the latest developments in epigenetics that can impact your ability to achieve the best of health. We are available for additional consultations regarding your specific genome testing results, genetic nutrition and other services on request.


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