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Podcasts: Genetic Nutrition, Alternative Health Therapies, And More

During the KlothoGenics podcast, I introduce you to some of the experts in the fields of anti-aging, genetic nutrition and alternative health therapies who can improve your life and overall mental and physical well-being. Learn how to look and feel younger while performing at your highest level possible with epigenetic regulation.

Episode 1

Dr. Galitzer is my physician and he helped me to achieve Outstanding Health. You will be amazed at how quickly you can start to feel better and transform your body towards outstanding health. We discuss that standard blood test we know show a very wide range for normal which may not be normal at all for your age. What are the tests you need and how do you start the journey to feeling better, having more energy and achieving Outstanding Health. Complete Dr. Galtizer’s “How healthy are you?” Questionnaire. Read more…

Episode 2

In this episode with Dr. Galitzer, we discuss the unavoidable toxins in our lives and how to safely rid your body of them. We also talk about how to optimize your gut function. And I know you will be shocked to find out what the most stressed organ is in your body. Read more…

Episode 3

In this episode with Dr. Galitzer, we discuss how he has changed my life. You will be shocked to hear that there is a more significant health risk than high cholesterol, high blood pressure, being overweight and smoking COMBINED? This is why I love doing these podcasts! Read more...

Episode 4

In our last episode with Dr. Galitzer, we discuss why hormone health is critical to achieving Outstanding Health. You will be surprised to hear what other hormones need to be treated before we talk about estrogen and testosterone. We also talk about heart and brain disease. Read more...

Episode 5

Dan Stickler, MD., a leading integrative physician specializing in personalized, epigenetic medicine, and I discuss gene interpretation and epigenetic profiling. We discuss in detail the impact that this type of analysis can have on optimizing health.


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