Lifestyle Programs Tailored to Your Unique Genetic Profile

Lifestyle Programs For Your Entire Health And Body

Personalized Genomic Blueprint

Contact us to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to discuss our services and to determine how we can help you achieve your health goals.

Full Genomic Review

We recommend a full genomic review including nutrition, supplements, exercise, neurotransmitter, detoxification, hormones and certain metabolic factors. In this review, we analyze your results for approximately 500 specific genetic markers, we have a live 90-120 minute video or in-person meeting with you to discuss the results, your current health and likely epigenetic modifications. After the call, we provide you with an individualized plan to improve your health and longevity. We can facilitate ordering blood tests using the Quest network or ordering professional grade supplements from most suppliers. In addition, we can provide continuing coaching to monitor your progress.

Athletic Specific Plans

We have had many elite and weekend athletes reach out to us this past year for help understanding how their genetics may be affecting their ability to achieve their goals. We have had a lot of success helping clients get on the program that suits them best. We can tailor a specific program for this purpose.

Specific Genomic Plans

We can offer plans specifically for nutrition, supplements or detoxification.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to determine which plan works best for you.


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