Lifestyle Programs Tailored to Your Unique Genetic Profile

My Preventative Health Story


Jamie Costello, Founder & CEO

I have been a life-long health enthusiast. I have always been fit, but not necessarily healthy and fit. During certain periods in my life, my lifestyle was high stress, little sleep and alcohol. The old adage of “Work hard, play hard and get to the office early” was my motto. I have always been into exercise and fitness from a young age. Mostly, I enjoyed running, but my passion eventually extended to swimming and cycling too which led me to complete in many 5K, 10K, and sprint triathlons. I learned about basic vitamins and protein supplements in my mid-20s to compensate for poor eating habits. I started Met-Rx® products 20 years ago to make sure I satisfied my body’s nutritional requirements along with the food I did eat. I decided to learn about how my lifestyle choices affected my health and I became a bio-hacker in 2000. A bio-hacker was described by Spencer Michels of the PBS NewsHour in a September 23, 2014 article as “a fairly new practice that could lead to major changes in your life.” He calls it “citizen or do-it-yourself biology”.

Preventative and Proactive Outlook

My story is that of a typical male without significant health problems. I was lucky that traditional medicine did not have to TREAT any disease. I chose in 1999 to add the Executive Health Program at the Mayo Clinic as a PREVENTATIVE care model of medicine to my health care. By age 43, they had uncovered some areas that would likely shorten my life or cause me functional problems in the future from moderately high cholesterol, gastroesophageal reflux disease and osteopenia. The principal treatment protocol was pharmaceutical drugs. I did not know other preventative health treatment options were available and I might have even been afraid to ask. I was, however, determined to fix these issues, and did with the help of various drugs and basic diet and lifestyle changes. I began to research these areas of concern for alternative and complementary treatments and this started my bio-hacking journey to be PROACTIVE in my medical care. Once I learned about the risks of the drugs I was prescribed and the unintended long-term consequences, I stopped taking them. I requested Mayo to perform other non-standard, new blood tests that I had researched to help me evaluate my health status. The Mayo Clinic continues to provide me with the best possible preventative care available and I believe they play an important role in achieving my overall health goals.

Diet, Exercise and Supplements – Solving Health Issues

In 2011, I found Life Extension and other service providers and began ordering my own blood tests to measure other factors that could influence my treatment plan. Through Life Extension, I was able to select and order any blood, urine or saliva test I thought was necessary, get the results, research what the results meant and consult with one of their integrative physicians on the phone about my results. The consultations were 30 minutes versus the 8-10 minutes I had with my physician. I began a habit of testing my blood every 3 months with Life Extension to monitor my blood chemistry, blood count and many other specific items like cholesterol, triglycerides, C – reactive protein, homocysteine, etc. I researched what the optimal results should be and, with every result that was not optimal, it became my goal to make it optimal. With proper diet, exercise and supplements, I made progress or achieved my ideal in most categories. I am an advocate of diet, exercise and supplements to solve health issues. I have helped my family, friends and business colleagues with many issues on their blood test results in many areas including elevated glucose, hemoglobin A1c, homocysteine, c-reactive protein, eosinophils or iron and vitamin, mineral and omega III deficiencies.

I am a firm believer that without a PROACTIVE and integrative medical health plan that addresses your genetic predispositions, you are limiting your opportunity for a long and functional life. It does not make sense to me in this modern age to make another choice or no choice at all. Although I consider myself lucky, I would rather have luck as the backup plan and not the only plan. You cannot rely solely on your physician to TREAT your disease once it shows itself. To make no effort to improve your health and prevent future problems is short-sighted.

I have started KlothoGenics™ because I know I can help people to optimize their health through a sophisticated interpretation of their genetics. I want to give my clients the tools that I have learned to make it possible for them to achieve outstanding health. I urge you to start your journey to outstanding health today. Become PROACTIVE.


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