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Dr. Michael Galitzer – Part 1: How To Achieve Outstanding Health Through Energy Medicine

Today we’re talking to Outstanding Health author Dr. Michael Galitzer, who offers readers a step-by-step road map to achieving outstanding health throughout their lives. Dr. Galitzer explains that after spending 15 years as an emergency room doctor in Los Angeles, he shifted his focus to nutrition and blood testing, which eventually turned him on to the technique of energy medicine. He was inspired to write Outstanding Health in order to reach out to anyone who wants to feel their best all the time.

Moving From Traditional To Energy Medicine

Energy medicine starts with evaluating energy. Dr. Galitzer underscores the importance of looking beyond the typical tests run by most doctors, explaining that traditional medicine looks at the body from a physical and chemical point of view, primarily looking for abnormalities, whereas the electrical levels in the body are what correlate to how people actually feel. For this reason, his book starts with a health questionnaire to make people aware of their energy levels, emotions and lifestyle issues.

6 Steps To Outstanding Health

Dr. Galitzer’s road map to outstanding health can be broken down into the following six steps:

1. Prepare, cleanse, and fortify the mind.

2. Cleanse the body of toxins.

3. Add proper nutrition and gut health.

4. Add proper exercise and sleep.

5. Regenerate the body with energy medicine.

6. Optimize hormonal happiness.

Purpose, Passion and Gratitude

Dr. Galitzer goes into great detail about the importance of the first step, as getting into the proper mindset is key to success. He explains that stress often comes from how we perceive the events that happen to us, so it’s vital to get our values and beliefs in order. This comes down to the following key practices:

Purpose: Start by finding your purpose in life, which can come from matching your gifts with what you really enjoy doing.

Passion: We need to be excited, if not about everything in our lives, than at least about certain things in out lives.

Gratitude: While most people are quick to name what they’re grateful for when asked, we need to think about these things throughout the day.

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