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Dr. Michael Galitzer – Part 4: How To Achieve Outstanding Health Through Energy Medicine

This is the final part of our interview with Dr. Galitzer, an innovator in the field of longevity, anti-aging and energy medicine. We’ve been discussing Dr. Galitzer’s six-step road map to achieving outstanding health, and have already discussed preparing, cleansing and fortifying the mind; cleansing the body of toxins; achieving proper nutrition and gut health; proper exercise, sleep and dental health; and energy medicine. Today we look at step six, which involves strengthening key hormones in the body.

Major and minor hormones working in harmony

Dr. Galitzer explains that hormone health is critical and stresses the importance of looking beyond estrogen and testosterone when it comes to evaluating hormonal function. He also notes that, while most of us think hormone decline comes with aging, the reverse is actually true: hormone decline causes aging.

Hormone decline is associated with the adrenal glands secreting the stress hormone as a result of mental, emotional, environmental, nutritional and electromagnetic stress. The major hormonal glands are adrenal and thyroid, and estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are the minor hormones.

We need to first strengthen the major hormones because, for example, if a woman in her 40s is stressed, the adrenals become tired, drain progesterone and then convert it to cortisol for survival. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is one way to deal with this issue, and Dr. Galitzer stresses that it is a safe treatment that also benefits overall health.

When it comes to diagnosing thyroid issues, Dr. Galitzer stresses that the typical TSH blood test is not sufficient, and that T3 and T4 levels need to be tested as well. He also emphasizes the importance of making sure the adrenals are strong first, as they can be mistaken for thyroid symptoms.

Counteracting the decline of the sex hormones

Women and men generally see symptoms of hormonal decline at different ages. For women, progesterone can decline in the 40s, leading to trouble sleeping, irregular periods, and physical and emotional PMS symptoms. Estrogen, on the other hand, can go up and down during the 40s.

For men, testosterone typically declines in the 50s and 60s. And while the normal range is considered to be between 300 to a 1,000, there’s a difference between normal and optimal, and you want it to be higher. Dr. Galitzer notes that testosterone can also be helpful for women.

Heart health and the overprescription of statins

Dr. Galitzer asserts that looking at cholesterol is overrated, noting that “just because you’re at the scene of the crime doesn’t mean you caused it.” He explains that a standard lipid panel does not provide enough information, whereas an advanced lipid panel shows the difference in size between LDL particles. Large particles will not cause buildup of plaque, but small ones will. Cholesterol numbers can also go up from stress, a sluggish liver or insulin resistance.

He says that most women don’t need statins, and men over 75 shouldn’t take them – they’re overprescribed and have side effects. Rather, Dr. Galitzer recommends improving heart health by decreasing inflammation – taking curcumin and fish oil supplements can be helpful.

Dr. Galitzer also explains that a chronically weak parasympathetic nervous system combined with sympathetic stress can set in motion a heart attack. He recommends strengthening the parasympathetic system with potassium-rich foods, magnesium, peppermint tea, singing out loud and deep breathing.

Protecting the brain

Finally, Dr. Galitzer makes the following recommendations for keeping the brain strong and healthy: Start by eating right and exercising. Keep the brain active and learning. Take curcumin, resveratrol, vitamin D, certain herbs, lipoic acid and vitamin C. Reduce toxicity in the body by avoiding gluten and heavy metals.

In summary, Dr. Galitzer says that once you get the toxins out of your system, strengthening key hormones is the icing on the cake when it comes to achieving outstanding health.

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