Lifestyle Programs Tailored to Your Unique Genetic Profile


Living Your Best Self Through Preventative Health

Have you heard the term optimal health? It’s been floating around for the past few years, and it’s a goal of KlothoGenics®️ to help people of all walks of life achieve optimal health. All too frequently, doctors assume people are healthy when they are not sick. However, this is not completely true. You may not be sick, but you may not be living as healthily as possible. Different people’s bodies operate differently; it’s what makes us unique and awesome!

KlothoGenics®️ strives to identify patterns in genetics and DNA to give people preventative health plans that will lead to optimal health. Health isn’t just about not being sick and scraping by with the least amount of energy. We’re here to help you live life to the fullest and be your best self.

Preventative Health Guidelines

At KlothoGenics®️ we focus on a healthy diet, nutrient supplement additions, and a fitness plan to help you toward optimal health. By focusing on these preventative health measures, you are more likely to live a better and more fruitful life that is more than just getting by.

Healthy Diet

As we said previously, each person’s body is different. That means that a stereotypical diet isn’t fit for everyone. The way one person’s body consumes fats may be more detrimental than their neighbor next door, while the neighbor may not react as severely to carbohydrates. By making a sincere investment in your own body and what foods it needs to be completely healthy, you are making an effort toward optimal and preventative health.


In our society today, it is hard to get the nutrients our bodies need to thrive in the foods available. Thankfully, science has developed diet supplements that help us fill in the gaps. Another way to improve your preventative health plan is to add supplements to your diet where your body is lacking. This is not something you want to guess; you should have verified test results telling you about your body’s deficiencies and how to best supplement.

Fitness Plan

Some people’s bodies are made to run marathons while others are built to lift. While we like to keep cardio and strength training in mind, there are certain exercises that can use your strengths and abilities to optimize your health in the long run. Fitness is a key element to preventative health.

How to Know What’s Best for You

We’ve talked a lot about creating an optimal health plan that is best for you, but how are you supposed to know these answers, or even which questions to ask? KlothoGenics®️ will take that stress off your plate with a personalized genomic blueprint.

What is a Personalized Genomic Blueprint?

A personalized genomic blueprint is a series of genetics tests that tell you about your health and body. KlothoGenics®️ offers a few different plans to work with you and gather this information to help you on your way to a fully optimized lifestyle.

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan is a genomic blueprint that analyzes:

  • Nutritional genomics (approx. 80 genes)
  • Supplementation genomics (approx. 50 genes)
  • Fitness genomics (approx. 50 genes)
  • Brain neurotransmitter genomics (approx. 30 genes)
  • Methylation and Detoxification genomics (approx. 40 genes)
  • Longevity genomics (approx. 10 genes)

Alongside these analyses, the Gold Plan includes a 90-minute video consultation (meaning you can receive these preventative health plans from anywhere) to discuss results and to provide a plan moving forward, including setting health goals. It also includes two 30-minute video consultations to follow up with any questions, updates, and progress.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is a genomic blueprint that analyzes:

  • Nutritional genomics (approx. 50 genes)
  • Supplementation genomics (approx. 30 genes)
  • Fitness genomics (approx. 20 genes)
  • Methylation and Detoxification genomics (approx. 20 genes)

Like the Gold Plan, there is a 90-minute video consultation to discuss results and set goals. However, with the purchase of a Basic Plan, there will not be an opportunity for the follow up sessions.

Contact KlothoGenics®️ today to schedule a free consultation to learn more and to determine which genomic blueprint plan is best for you on your journey toward optimal and preventative health.