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Preventative Health Tips For A Healthier You

A healthy lifestyle is often something on a New Year’s Resolution checklist and something about which a majority of people dream, yet very few people have the personal drive to really live a 100 percent healthy life. While that is the ideal goal, everyone should strive to be healthy as much as possible. One such way is to focus on preventative health, that is taking care of your body before it gets sick and injured.

Here are three steps you can take to a healthier life.

Get An Annual Physical

We’ve met many adults who stopped getting physicals after they graduated from high school and only visit their physician when they are ill.

We recommend going to see your doctor at least once a year for a check up. Like you take your car in for a regular oil change, it’s good to get a professional opinion about your health as well. Physical checkups can help spot changes in your medical history or alert you to any forthcoming problems that may be on the horizon.

Knowledge is power.

Follow The New Food “Pyramid”

The symbol of the age-old food pyramid has since been replaced by a typical dinner plate that shows appropriate proportions of the food groups that should be consumed during every meal. Known as Choose My Plate, this is a great new visual that is directly translatable to your home and best dietary practices.

The plate consists of mostly vegetables (about ⅓). Protein and grains equally share another ½ of the plate, and fruit makes up the rest. With a side of dairy, such as a glass of milk, you can be sure to fulfill your nutritional recommendations with every meal.

Overall, it’s important to focus on a variety of foods, amounts, and nutritions when selecting your diet. Definitely avoid the fast food options, and try to prepare meals ahead of time if you find yourself lacking time during the week to prepare adequate and healthy meals.

Exercise Five Times A Week

We know we probably aren’t the first people to tell you that regular exercise is necessary for preventing health problems, and we probably won’t be the last, but we feel the need to state it here because of its importance.

Exercising five times a week means you’re getting your heart rate up and helping circulate your blood. When these things happen, your body positively responds by strengthening muscles (including your heart) and eliminating the waste in your body (including excess fat).

Aim for your exercise program to include both cardio and strength training - and don’t forget to stretch. You should stretch every single day to keep your body limber and ready for anything that comes your way.

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