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Test Yourself Before Having Kids

Genetics testing is a new concept in the world of science. Though it has been around since the 1980s, it has just now started to gain popularity. It can be used for a variety of reasons, from interpreting genes to identify causes of certain diseases to understanding which methods of exercise may be best for you. One way in which many young adults are now using genetics testing is to determine if they should procreate. A serious conversation can be had between couples deciding if they should have kids or not. This is a holistic view of preventative health because you are theoretically setting yourself up for a healthier life, and possibly avoiding giving life to someone who may be the unfortunate victim of bad genes.

One reason to get the test done prior to getting pregnant is to verify there are not any life-threatening diseases in your genetic profiles that can be passed down to your offspring. Diseases and conditions, such as sickle cell, can be identified in genetic patterns.

Today, people considering becoming parents have the opportunity to conduct a DNA test and have it interpreted by professionals in order to identify genetic patterns that may be considered fatal to the offspring. Moreover, the tests and analysis are becoming so advanced and specific that scientists can determine if the genetic patterns that appear can be treated, thus giving couples an opportunity to still have children but with a forewarning that there may be treatable medical conditions.

So then there is the question about if this type of testing is worth the cost or not.

Many years ago when DNA testing was new, Steve Jobs paid $100,000 to have his DNA fully screened as he searched for a cure to his cancer. However, in the years that have passed, technology has advanced at terrific speeds, which has helped lower the cost of genetics testing altogether. You can now get your DNA tested for as low as $199 from, but then there is typically an additional cost to have the gene patterns analyzed by a professional.

Should a couple decide to move forward with procreation, there are even genetics tests available during pregnancy to determine the health of the baby in the womb. At a certain time, the woman is offered to take a genetics test that can help identify whether the baby will have Down's Syndrome. While this test is optional, it can give parents-to-be necessary information about what to expect when their child arrives.

Today, the benefits of having your genes tested before getting pregnant can help couples make responsible decisions about whether or not to bring a new person into this world. While a life full of health cannot be guaranteed by genetic tests results, it can help paint a clearer picture of possibilities that may appear later in life for future children.

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