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This Time of Year, Many of Us Wish We Had A "Beach Body"

As a health coach, I do hear this wish a lot.

However, my goal is always for my clients to be healthy and fit … not just fit. Achieving this result requires more than a randomly selected exercise program designed for the mass market.

What should you do?

Well, you shouldn’t avoid exercise altogether because that leads to poor health and fitness. Exercise activates more than 25-percent of the genes in our body -- turning on genes that you want turned on and turning off those genes you want turned off.

As a result, exercise:

  • reduces risks for disability and disease
  • improves bone health, blood pressure, and mood
  • boosts energy
  • improves lipid profile, libido, and memory
  • adds years to your functional longevity

If exercise is so good for us, then why doesn’t everyone do it?

One of the biggest problems is selecting reasonable and measurable goals.

1. Most people look for their results primarily in the mirror or on the scale

Although these measures are important, they do not give you a complete or day-by-day measure of your improving health. For instance, weight may fluctuate due to water retention from intracellular inflammation because of over-exercising or the number of carbohydrates you ate at your last meal.

Also, the mirror does not give us an accurate analysis of our body composition between fat free mass compared to fat. Those goals, your timing to achieve those goals, and the results should be set based on your overall health and measured objectively.

2. All exercise training programs require progressive overload to continue to achieve results

Our muscles and lungs adapt to the same training method each day. Accordingly, we must periodically increase the volume and intensity of our training and change our exercise selection to achieve more results. Only a few of my clients have the appropriate knowledge and self-awareness to self-coach themselves.

3. Continued interest in the training program, motivation to train and accountability to someone for your training

After training all of these years, I have great self-awareness of my real perceived exertion, however, there is nothing like having a coach push me to achieve my best results. A coach can promote advancement just by changing exercises, volume or intensity based on the results they are recording.

When a client goes through my program, I lay out an entire health optimization plan for them with diet, exercise, supplements, sleep, and more. I continue to coach some clients monthly while others periodically call me to discuss results and adjust their program.

For the exercise component, I have been recommending to a majority of my clients the Annual All Access Beachbody on Demand membership (click "Join Now to Get Today's Low Rate).

Here’s why:

Clients receive all of the Beachbody workouts, providing the workout variety needed to achieve the health and fitness results they are looking for. This is a huge stumbling block for many. Have you started a workout program only to stall or get bored?

There are a number of other benefits including meal plans and workout calendars and -- as your coach -- I can track and keep you accountable for your training.

I stand behind this program 100-percent -- reach out via email with questions or to get started today. Let’s work together to improve your epigenetics.