Lifestyle Programs Tailored to Your Unique Genetic Profile


What is Pharmacogenomics Testing?

Everyone wants to know definitive answers regarding their genetics and health, how does everything work together? With genetic testing you can find an answer. The field of pharmacogenomic testing is where you find the answers. It’s the study of how your specific genes affect your body’s response to medications. Genetics is a beautiful part of life, but can also be frustrating.


Why did you get the genes that carry disease as opposed to the next person who has genes that give them great health? We may not know the answer to that, but at KlothoGenics, we can help you find answers that will help you tailor your diet and exercise programs to your genetic needs.

What Pharmacogenomics Testing Does

In the recent past, drugs have been developed with the idea that they will react the same way with everyone. But now there is more information on how people’s genes are involved and how the drugs interact with your genes. When you are in need of medication, or if you’re looking for a diet that is specific to your needs, you don’t want to spend time and money experimenting with different medications and dosages, or ingredients that you need to leave out of your diet just to find that nothing is working. By knowing your genetic makeup, you can make informed decisions.

Genome Testing

Gene analysis will give you information about your ancestry, relatives, and physical features as well as identify changes in chromosomes, genes or proteins. With this information it can be determined if there is a genetic condition or whether or not there is a chance for a genetic disorder to be passed on. The are several types of genetic testing:

  • Molecular Genetic Tests - The study of a single gene or a small section of DNA to find variations or mutations that may lead to a genetic disorder.
  • Chromosomal Genetic Tests - Analyzing whole chromosomes or lengths of DNA to see if there are large genetic changes such as an extra chromosomes.
  • Biochemical Genetic Tests - Studies the activity level of proteins, abnormalities can indicate changes to the DNA that results in a genetic disorder.

With the information gathered from both pharmacogenomic and genome tests, a personalized plan will be made for you with tips for a better diet and exercise program. It will be like no other because no one else has the genes that you do. Your genetic makeup will give you the answers you need to lead a better and healthier life. To learn more, contact us at KlothoGenics today.