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Dr. Michael Galitzer – Part 2: How To Achieve Outstanding Health Through Energy Medicine

In our last episode, we introduced Dr. Galitzer and his six-step road map to achieving outstanding health, and we discussed the first step of preparing, cleansing and fortifying the mind. Once you’re in the proper mental state for achieving outstanding health, the next step is to cleanse the body of toxins.

Step 2: Cleanse the Body of Toxins

A key component to the cleansing process is correcting tissue acidity, which as Dr. Galitzer explains, underlies ill health for most people, and is also a major cause of osteoporosis. Tissue acidity is brought on through lifestyle issues like the overconsumption of soda, coffee, sugar and alcohol, as well as stress. Fortunately, it is both easily tested for and easily treated.

Correcting tissue acidity

You can test for tissue acidity by using a Ph paper to check your first morning urine. If the Ph is 5 or lower, your body is too acidic; you want to get it up to the 6 to 6.5 range. The following four steps can correct tissue acidity:

1. Limit soda, coffee, sugar and alcohol. (And don’t smoke cigarettes.)

2. Manage how your body responds to stress.

3. Eat a more alkaline diet, including green tea, lemon in water and vegetables.

4. Eat less animal protein.

After you’ve corrected your tissue acidity, you can move on to cleansing your body of toxins. Unfortunately, we’re constantly exposed to an endless list of toxic chemicals in the air, water and food.

Supporting the body’s drainage organs

Our liver, kidney and lymph systems are the drainage organs that work to get toxins out of the body. If the liver and kidneys are sluggish, toxins accumulate in our connective tissues. Here’s how you can support each of these organs in the toxin elimination process:

Liver: Juice a lemon into a cup of water and drink it in morning. Make green drinks using cucumber, green apple, kale and parsley. Massage corresponding pressure points on the feet daily. You can also take certain herbal and homeopathic formulas take B vitamins to more fully support the liver.

Kidneys: Eat asparagus. Drink alkaline water.

Lymph System: Get more exercise. Breathe deeply. Avoid dairy.

Step 3: Achieving proper nutrition and gut health

Dr. Galitzer explains the digestive process in terms of a triangle made up of the liver, pancreas and intestines, explaining that they can all affect each other. He offers the following suggestions for supporting these additional components of the digestive system:

Pancreas: Chew food well. Take digestive enzymes between meals, particularly before dinner, as this system is strongest in the morning and weakest in the evening.

Small intestine: Eat organic foods and eliminate wheat.

Large intestine: Take probiotics to have the right balance of bacteria in the colon.

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