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Dr. Michael Galitzer – Part 3: How To Achieve Outstanding Health Through Energy Medicine

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Today we are continuing our interview with Dr. Galitzer, an innovator in the field of longevity, anti-aging and energy medicine, and his six-step road map to achieving outstanding health. We’ve already discussed the first three steps of preparing, cleansing and fortifying the mind; cleansing the body of toxins; and achieving proper nutrition and gut health. Now the conversation turns to steps four and five, which involve exercise, sleep, dental health and energy medicine.

Exercise and Healthy Sleep Habits

Dr. Galitzer asserts that exercise is a more significant health factor than high cholesterol, high blood pressure, being overweight and cigarette smoking combined. Both aerobic and strength training are very important, and Dr. Galitzer is also an advocate of high intensity interval training, as it stresses the heart in a healthy way and helps you to lose weight.

Healthy sleep is another huge factor in overall well being, and Dr. Galitzer provides the following guidelines for good sleep habits:

1. Get regular exercise in morning

2. Finish eating three hours before going to sleep

3. Stop drinking alcohol four hours before going to sleep

4. Maintain a dark bedroom, with no electrical items in the room.

5. Sleep with your head to the north if possible.

6. Get adequate sunlight during the day to lower cortisol at night.

7. Don’t use your cell phone or computer late at night, as the blue color emitted from the screen interferes with sleep.

8. Take supplements like melatonin, magnesium, tryptophan and chamomile tea.

9. Five minutes before going to sleep, provide positive feedback to your subconscious.

Dental Health

While most of us know that healthy teeth and gums are important for overall health and that periodontal disease and gum inflammation has been associated with heart disease, many of aren’t aware of how dental issues can zap our energy.

Dr. Galitzer explains that mercury fillings are toxic, and especially bad for the kidneys. They can also cause electrical currents in the mouth that are amplified by cell phones and computers. Root canals are also potentially dangerous, as there are connections between our teeth and our organs. For women, root canals in molars can be associated with breast cancer.

Energy Medicine

Dr. Galitzer maintains that the body is first and foremost an energy system, which is why he is an avid practitioner of energy medicine. He uses several innovative protocols and practices with his patients.

Electrodermal screening: Inspired by his study of acupuncture, Dr. Galitzer has been using electrodermal screening for 30 years to find exactly what a patient needs. This method measures skin resistance to find problems in the corresponding organs, which is then treated with the appropriate herbs and supplements. Dr. Galitzer is also a big fan of complex homeopathy, which uses careful dilutions for the safest, purest form of treatment.

Parasympathetic system and variable heartbeat test: Dr. Galitzer explains that the autonomic nervous system consists of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic symptoms, and the parasympathetic system is weak for most people. The more variable your heartbeat, the healthier that system is.

Dr. Galitzer uses a simple four-minute test to find heartbeat variability changes in patients. If he finds that the parasympathetic system is weak, which usually correlates to a sluggish liver and tired adrenal glands, he employs the following treatments:

-Homeopathy and herbs to get the liver operating better.

-Vitamins and supplements to treat the adrenal glands.

-Pulsed electromagnetic fields to deliver frequencies to harmonize liver and adrenal glands.

-Biophoton light therapy to further energize the liver and adrenal glands.

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